Tests and adjustments

So here we are on the water. Now is the time to make things real. The objective of this phase is to solve all the problems that could hinder my ambition of long trip, and this by testing Øya on the water.

Technical points

The imperatives before the first navigation

  1. ✔️ Put the name of the boat and its registration on the hull, as well as on the appendix
  2. ✔️ Put the stove back into service
  3. ✔️ Restore the fresh water circuit
  4. ✔️ Test the windlass
  5. ✔️️ Restoration of the rescue buoy and the lifebuoy light

High priority

  1. ⬜ Fix the injector’s leakage
  2. ✔️ Change the AIS MMSI
  3. ✔️ Put the wind turbine into service
  4. ⬜ Check the engine seawater pump
  5. ⬜️ Lubrication of flat-axle pulleys which are seized
  6. ⬜️ Treat engine rust
  7. ✔️ Treat rust in engine’s room
  8. ⬜️ Install a heater
  9. ⬜ Fix the cooker’s rail

Medium priority

  1. ✔️ Repair the starboard anti-roll fabric
  2. ✔️ Redo the passage of the genoa furling line
  3. ✔️ Put a layer of epoxy paint in the keel plus a layer of intermediate and reattach the table of the saloon
  4. ⬜️ Surface rust treatment at the points where the struts are struck: do your best without dismantling the rigging
  5. ✔️ Repair the port tackle hoist
  6. ⬜️ Treat rust in cockpit lockers

The trip

  • ⬜ Calculation of possible and realistic routes
  • ⬜ Budgeting of each of them (port prices etc)
  • ⬜ Preparation of personal insurance for the trip