Hello everyone !

Here is a blog to give my news, explain what I do, where I am, why and how.

So what do you do? Where have you been since? Don’t you live on your boat?!

Many people tell me their enthusiasm when I answer these nice questions. Given the number of times I got asked, I deduce that nobody really knows or understand what I’m doing.

But what is your project?

Beyond this logbook, I have a life project in its own right that began some times ago, in the summer of 2018 to be imprecise.

The vilain project in two words

I want to test an atypical lifestyle, like an ugly duckling who never do as he is told to do. I don’t know if it will work or even if I will enjoy it but I want to give a try:

Living on my yacht, working there, traveling, experiencing whatever I want, all in order to learn lots of things and have it good.

It is an experience that already extends over several months or even years, which I hope will spread over several countries and that I will try to live with some simple rules.

It is a project that is complicated in every respect and can not be done lightly.

You will see in the timeline that there is no start date. It’s a tiny idea that first sprouted, then grew very quickly to dominate and take precedence over many things.

Why the blog

Given the ambition of the project, I have a long way to go, my experience can certainly be useful to others who want to go to sea, so much to share. Because sometime it might be a mess!

I will be posting regular news here on many different topics related to the vilain project, here and on other social medias like Instagram or YouTube that blog posts will reference.

Here we are. I did not give much news so far, but suddenly I start, and it’s happening now.