After the first planning of the fall and its correct progress, I decided during a small fishing session that it was time to move up a gear. Most of what I had to do in Nîmes is behind, so I will put flat the program here.

Relocation on December 14

The goal is to start the 20’s on the water, so do not waste time. Even arriving there on December 14, it will only leave me a week before leaving on Christmas and New Year’s holidays. I will do the full inspection of Øya to determine the operations to be done before launching. This week will be decisive.

Even if the boat will still be on land, I would live on it… Øya is currently in a shipyard, with electricity, drinking water but no showers. I had already lived this way in Norway, but at least I had showers at work. There, I will have to find a solution because even the river is salty mudd…

Launching mid January

For the moment I estimate two weeks’ work is needed before I can put Øya back in her natural element. If all goes well, I could then sail and leave the harbor of Lorient ! That will depend on my finding during the inspection which precedes Christmas.

The goal will be to join my security perimeter, Quiberon Bay, for about a month at Crouesty . There, I would work on the boat at the harbor, and I would navigate as much as possible to know Øya better.

Departure, the true one for early March!

Launched in mid-January, a month of trial period, it gives us a departure for mid-February or early March.

Precisely the beginning of the season!

Where to go? I would go see buddies in Norway, but I would go to the Balearic Islands as well, like when I was child…

I will have to choose… If I don’t go directly to Norway, then it will be for the following year. If I go there, I should do it right, I mean go up to North Cape or even Svalbard (Spitsbergen). Else, to the Mediterranean sea I will have the Balearic Islands, Corsica, family and the opportunity to travel to southern Europe, and I am invited to Israel.

Just thinking about it makes me feel lazy… So much ambition for so few skills! Because yes this little paragraph above is already full of ambitions, and I do not have the level yet.

I will consider that question after I get started, I’ll have to start things slowly and keep realistic

Here and now I have other activities to complete and all that to prepare.